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Commercial cleaning chemical manufacturer and distributor – USA coast to coast

RCPI enabled Swisher Hygiene to sell its US operations for $40 million cash after helping the company achieve its first cash positive quarter ever.

With this result, RCPI won the Turnaround Management Association's Transaction of the Year Award for the US Midwest.

The cash positive quarter was achieved by inventory reduction and a Continuous Improvement program throughout all of Swisher's US operations.

The Nasdaq listed company was sold to industry giant, Ecolab, and the Swisher brand name continues to operate as an autonomous unit for its new owners.

This contract was 100% based on incremental monthly cash generated.

Success Stories

Power tool importer and distributor – Illinois, USA

RCPI saved a severely distressed importer and distributor of power tools from bankruptcy and liquidation when its lender, Bank of America, wanted to exit and the company was unable to get refinanced.

RCPI was retained one week before the end of the lender's asset-based lending forbearance. Within three weeks, new cash was flowing into the ABL borrowing base. Three months later, RCPI converted millions of inventory into cash, which opened the door to secure sub-debt investment and complete refinancing.

RCPI continued to convert 50% of the inventory into cash, and reduce AP by 40% to stabilize cash flow. Today, the company is still healthy and in business.

Our fees were 100% based on incremental monthly cash generated.

Building products manufacturer and contractor – Illinois, USA

Treated building lumber_edited.jpg
RCPI secured a $36 million offer for Chicago Flameproof from a starting EBITDA of less than $2 million within one year.

Our 2-day Opportunity Assessment had revealed that the drying kilns which were operating non-stop and determined the rate of output of the entire company, were only utilized 55% of the time.

RCPI worked with the team to put proper buffer and constraint management techniques in place which allowed revenues to increase by 21% in a matter of months, boosting the company’s EBITDA, growth trajectory and ultimate valuation at 18 times starting EBITDA.

Commercial fine printer  – British Columbia, Canada

An acquisition, projected to result in large synergies and economies of scale, caused a commercial fine printer to run into double digit net losses even after closing a facility, selling off equipment and letting sales people go.
In the first month after RCPI resolved the company's constraints, it showed a profit of 11% which is more than double the industry standard of 5%. This profit margin was reached by: 
  • increasing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by 50%, and
  • reducing paper used by 20%.
RCPI improved OEE and material used by reducing make-ready time and paper wasted on printing presses.

Electric bike importer and distributor – Iowa, USA

HEAD bike.jpeg
In less that 90 days, RCPI saved an electric bike company from bankruptcy and liquidation by converting the situation from a Chapter 11, 363 Sale into a going-concern sale.

RCPI continued to help the company:
  • improve all aspects of its marketing and sales operations,
  • get approval to operate as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ),
  • secure an asset-based loan,
  • exploit a license agreement with the HEAD tennis and ski brand, and
  • ​land a new distribution agreement with the iconic Austrian brand, KTM Bike Industries.

Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer – Ontario, Canada

RCPI helped a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer reach an ambitious target to quadruple its monthly sales in 12 months by month 14 during a US recession. (Note: Ambitious targets are not supposed to be achievable).

Using an advanced project management methodology together with online design automation, the company expanded rapidly, occupying more facilities close-by to accommodate its five groups of engineers, QA validation and manufacturing personnel.

This growth allowed the company to be sold to a Swedish company after a rigorous sales process.
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