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You have come to the right place if ...

  • Your business has an asset-based loan with no availability; or

  • You have broken covenants on your business loan; or

  • You are being forced to sell your business at the worst possible time.

Video Transcript: We understand that the world becomes a hostile place once you have broken a loan covenant, or when a series of mishaps forces you to sell your company for a fraction of what it is worth. You may already have a bank consultant camping in your boardroom, charging over $750 per hour, while your bank and brokers keep sending in more professionals charging handsome fees, while you alone have to dig your company out of this hole. And the deeper you get into the hole, the more expensive it gets to refinance.   Here’s how RCPI can help you reverse this vicious cycle: Start a discussion with us, and schedule your 2-day Opportunity Assessment. This will show you on a 12 month baseline how much cash we can generate from your existing operations, by week; when we can bring in the next affordable capital, and what your current and target business valuations could be. Once engaged, we execute together, and we only charge a small percentage of the extra cash flow we generate for you above the agreed upon baseline. For every $10 we make for you, we take only $1. For real. Since 1999.   So, to recap: - We start with the 2 day Opportunity Assessment, - In week 1 we start communicating the new plan to your bank, board or owners - In week 3 you see significant cash coming into your bank account and borrowing base - In week 6, the bank consultant typically packs up and leaves - By month 3, you complete your refinancing if needed, at decent rates - By month 12 you reach your target valuation to sell the company on your terms. Call the number below, book an appointment, or request a call-back below to start the conversation towards realizing your full potential.

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Fix ABL covenant issues in record time.

Generate cash availability in your ABL borrowing base.

Get a higher price for your business.

Only pay for results.

Success Stories

Cleaning chemical manufacturer & distributor – US coast to coast

Won Transaction of the Year award: turned Nasdaq-listed manufacturer and distributor cash positive for the first time ever in less than 6 months.

Power tool importer & distributor – Illinois, USA

Generated enough cash in ABL borrowing base within weeks for tool importer & distributor to prevent liquidation. Followed up with ABL refinancing within months, and sale of business in one year once valuation target was reached.

Building products manufacturer & contractor – Illinois, USA

Achieved a $36 million offer for a building products manufacturer and contractor, from a starting EBITDA of less than $2 million, within 1 year.

Commercial fine printer – British Columbia, Canada

Turned 10% net loss into 10% profit in less than a year.

Electric bike importer & distributor – Iowa, USA

Converted Chapter 11, 363 Sale from liquidation into going-concern sale for electric bike importer and distributor in less than 90 days.

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment – Ontario, Canada

Helped a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer reach an ambitious target to quadruple their monthly sales in 12 months by month 14 during a US recession. Ambitious targets are not supposed to be achievable.

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